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The Gullik Family from the Hällesjö Parish in Jämtland

The Gullik Family – today digitized in the family research Disgen

You can get to the Family Tree by clicking “Family Tree” on the Top menu. If you are a Gullik offspring, you might be able to supplement the Family Tree. More information about this can be found at the bottom of this page.

According the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, the website can not publish information younger than 80 years in the Family Tree.

The Gullik Family from the Hällesjö Parish in Jämtland

The name of the family progenitor was Gullik Persson, born on the farm Högen in Stöde parish in the province of Medelpad, son of Per Gulliksson and his wife Ingrid.

In July, 1686 Gullik was granted legal deed for the farm in Lund, Hällesjö Parish. He had bought the land from Hans Caroli Bröms, the assistant pastor in Stöde, in the province of Medelpad.

Gullik lived on and farmed the property already before 1678. He became churchwarden in 1684, juror in 1698 and died in 1729.

The mapping of the Gullik Family started as early as in the beginning of the 1930th. It was done on the initiative of the forester Jonas Petter Frändén in Kälarne. He carried on his research until 1950 when at 86, he turned over the job into new hands -a committee. The committee included: Herman Åslund, Postmaster in Östersund, Algot Sundin, Highway Superintendent in Kälarne and Nils Anton Fugelstad,  Newspaper Editor in Östersund.

The first edition of “Gulliksläkten från Hällesjö” (The Gullic Family from the Hällesjö Parish) was published in 1953. This was done after extensive, laborious work on the book by Bertil Hasselberg, Parish Priest in Hällesjö.

Already the following year the decision was made to make a new, expanded Family book. Bertil Hasselberg was made responsible for this. The new Book included significant amendments. It included close to 20000 persons. The book was ready for publishing in 1958. 1000 copies were produced and were all sold four years later.

The third and last edition of the book was a reprint of the second edition. It was published in 1987. No follow-up has been done.

The Family Tree

The Family Tree includes all persons in the Book “Gulliksläkten från Hällesjö”, written by Bertil Hasselberg.  It was published by Hällesjö Hembygdsförening in 1987. It includes also the so called “Jättendalsgrenen”(in the Province of Hälsingland). At present over 46.100 persons are registered on the Family Tree -and the number is increasing.

The Book “Gulliksläkten från Hällesjö” has 561 tables. Some errors have been discovered. Table 21 is flawed, which also means that the tables 55-60, 172-179, 369-380 and table 540 are flawed.

The error concerns Karin Olofsdotter in table 21, born in Åsen in Liden. There are two Karin Olofsdotter born in Åsen in the same year. Bertil Hasselberg (without the help of a  computer) mixed up these two persons.  Because of this, the persons in the tables have not been included.

Two new branches have been explored. There are two additional daughters of Ingrid Gulliksdotter, who married Nils Nilsson Qwist (Tab 1). Brita Nilsdotter, born in 1718 appears to be anchored in the Ragunda Parish in the eastern part of Jämtland and Karin Nilsdotter, born in 1722-02-20. She leads to the Bergsjö Parish in the Province of Hälsingland. The source of the existence of these daughters is the book: “Familjer i Ragunda – en sockengenealogi”, written by Staffan Lindqvist.

Updating of “Gulliksläkten från Hällesjö” to our days

The intent of the website is to bring the Gullik Family Book up to our days. Persons who know they are an offspring from the progenitor Gullik and have names and information about persons belonging to the family and are born from the middle 1950th or later, do here have an opportunity to update the Gullik Family book with your information.

The updates shall be in a format so they can be connected with some person that is already included in “Gulliksläkten” (The Gullik Family book). In this manner the Family Tree can continue to grow up to our time. Supplemental information can include corrections / additions of names, birthdates, place of birth, birth Parish, birth province, profession, date of marriage, date of death etc.

Send your updates to: 
Send the information as a document file in: doc, pdf or txt format to be written in the DISGEN program.